CDC Maintenance

CDC Maintenance has 25 years experience in lawn and garden maintenance. We do everything from trimming trees to forking garden beds, nothing is overlooked. 

We also offer a swiping service, for clearing overgrown parcels of land. For those who are not familiar with swiping it is an agriculture tractor with the swipe attached at the back and what the swipe does is cut down any bush and very tall grass to look like a lawn. This service is preferred by many as it does not remove the top soil from the land like a bobcat would. And if the land is maintained on a regular basis ( every 2,3 or 4 months ) it will be more cost effective and you won't get complaints from your neighbors.

In addition we offer bobcat and excavator services.

We also offer a freighting service. For your building needs we will supply and freight sand, stone and marl and when you are ready to landscape your gardens we will supply and freight the soil, as well as freight away any material or debris from your site.

We have 17 years experience in Commercial and residential property management. Our service include but are not limited to collection of rent, property inspection and the overseeing of any small works and repairs, while providing detailed monthly statements.

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